2018 was a record setting year. Join us to make 2019 equally as good. Then see what we do with the money raised.


Auction & Rummage Site Map

Below is an alphabetical list of Auction & Rummage Sale departments with map key and grid locations.   Click on a  department name to learn more about that department.  Plan your shopping excursion ahead of time, the Auction & Rummage Sale is only open 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday, July 6, 2019, with a no-sale Preview Night the evening before, Friday, July 5, 5-8 pm.  To download a PDF of the map CLICK HERE.




Antiques & Fine Furnishings Tent 8 C-3 South Lot
Better Clothing 16 A-4 West Wing
Bicycles 39 C-6 Athletic fields
Books 31 B-5 Gymnasium
Building Supplies 2 B-6 North Lot
Bulk Clothing 34 A-5 Lower Gym
Camping Tents 40 B-6 Athletic fields
Children’s Boutique 17 A-4 West Wing
Children’s Clothes & Toys 32 B-5 Gymnasium
Computers 21 B-3 West Wing
Credit Card Stations $ B-4 Commons
$ B-3 South Lot
$ C-3 South Lot
$ C-5 East Wing
$ C-6 Athletic fields
DVD’s, CD’s & Videos 38 B-5 Gymnasium
Fine Art 25 C-4 East Wing
Food Service 28 B-4 Commons
Furniture 9 C-2 South Lot
Gift Boutique & Collectibles 23 B-3 West Wing
Holiday Decorations & Crafts 29 B-4 Commons
Home Décor 2 B-5 North Lot
Jewelry & Accessories 15 B-4 West Wing
Kitchen & Dining 20 B-3 West Wing
Large Appliances 10 C-1 South Lot
Lamps 18 A-4 West Wing
Lawn & Garden 10 C-3 South Lot
Linens 33 A-5 Lower Gym
Luggage 36 A-5 Lower Gym
Marine Supplies & Boats 5 D-6 North Lot
Needlework 7 C-4 South Lot
Office Equipment 37 B-5 Gymnasium
Office Furniture 9 C-2 South Lot
Outdoor Power Equipment 12 C-1 South Lot
Outdoor Toys 41 A-6 Athletic fields
Pet Supplies 11 C-2 South Lot
Photo & Optics 26 C-5 East Wing
Print Art Annex 1 C-5 North Lot
Shoe Tent 35 A-5 Lower Gym
Small Appliances 19 B-4 West Wing
Small Musical Instruments 24 B-3 West Wing
Sporting Goods 13 B-2 South Lot
13 B-3 South Lot
13 C-1 South Lot
22 B-3 West Wing
Tools & Automotive 4 C-5 North Lot
Treasure Check 30 B-4 Commons
14 C-4 South Lot
TV & Audio 27 C-4 East Wing
Vehicles 6 C-5 North Lot