2018 was a record setting year. Join us to make 2019 equally as good. Then see what we do with the money raised.

Credit Card Stations

There are 5 Credit Card Stations located throughout the Auction & Rummage Sale grounds located in the following areas (see Auction & Rummage Sale Site Map):

  • Athletic Field (North side of Woodward Middle School near Bicycles Department)
  • Cafe / Commons (near outside entrance from South Lot)
  • East Wing (near outside entrance from North Lot)
  • South Lot (near the north and south entrances to the Antiques & Fine Furnishings tent)

At each of these stations you can use your credit card to pay for large purchases from any department.

Note: If paying by credit card, you will be asked to provide a valid drivers license for identification. We accept the following credit cards:


At the Credit Card Station located in the Café / Commons area, you can also purchase “Rotary Bucks”, which can be used just like cash to purchase food or other items in any department.  Click here to learn more about “Rotary Bucks”.