2017 was a record setting year. Join us to make 2018 equally as good. Then see what we do with the money raised.


Did you see these featured vehicles at previous Auction & Rummage Sales?  

Typical used vehicles available in this department:

About anything that requires a motor vehicle state registration.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Campers
  • Travel trailers
  • Motor cycles
  • Scooters
  • Golf carts





Key information about items

  • As appropriate, items are power washed and cleaned
  • Volunteers “detail” the vehicles
  • Look for “Rotary Auction Vehicles” on Craigslist

All vehicles are sold using Silent-Auction bid sheets with bids closing from 10:00am until early afternoon.








Vehicles may be donated anytime prior to the Auction until June 29, and if necessary, we can store them until the Auction.

Click here for details on donating a vehicle.

A Department of Motor Vehicles representative is available on Auction Day to assist with the Vehicle Registration process.