2018 was a record setting year. Join us to make 2019 equally as good. Then see what we do with the money raised.

Community Grants

Approximately one-third of an Auction & Rummage Sale’s net proceeds are used to fund Community Grants.

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island has a long and proud history of providing grants to support diverse community projects, dating back to the Club’s founding in 1947.  Members of the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island are stewards of funds we raise at our yearly Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale.   We strive to manage funds in an effective, appropriate, and timely manner, and to ensure that grant awards result in positive impacts in our community.

Any qualified nonprofit organization that serves the Bainbridge Island community is eligible to apply for a community grant from the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island.  Each year grant funding is made possible from the preceding year’s Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale proceeds.  Your donations to the Auction & Rummage Sale are at work doing great things for the people of Bainbridge Island!

For inform10tion about the Community Grant application process, visit Community Grants Application Procedures.

In the last 10 years, the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island has awarded 243 Community Grants totaling over $1,163,000 to 93 local non-profit organizations.  Funds for these grants were provided by the Auction & Rummage Sale.  Here is the list of those Community Grant recipients and descriptions of the funded projects.


In 2019, grants totaling $152,654 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Arts and Humanities Bainbridge: Computer & Currents Online support
  2. Bainbridge Chorale: Purchase vocal score of Brahms German Requiem
  3. Bainbridge Community Tennis Association: Benches for BHS tennis courts
  4. Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers: Covered play area for school-aged programs
  5. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: Utility trailer with magnetic locator and power equipment
  6. Bainbridge Island Little League: Path and landscaping around monument and batting cage
  7. Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District: Gymnastics pommel horse & parallel bar matting system
  8. Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District: RS Tera-like sailboats for Outdoor Program
  9. Bainbridge Island Rowing: MAAS double sculling shell
  10. Bainbridge Island School District 303: New tables & chairs for Library for Woodward
  11. Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center: Bus wheelchair ramp and safety improvements
  12. Bainbridge Performing Arts: New lighting control system (challenge grant)
  13. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Custom-made marimba for Sakai band
  14. Bainbridge Youth Services: Chrome books, monitor, printer
  15. Battle Point Astronomical Association: Childhood robotics and computer science curriculum
  16. Bloedel Reserve: 20,000 gallon water storage tank
  17. Boy Scout Troop 1565: New fiberglass canoes
  18. Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Prep sinks for kitchen upgrade
  19. Friends of the Farms: Computer, software and printer
  20. Friends of Fort Ward: Banquet tables and chairs
  21. Helpline House: ADA building access ramp
  22. Housing Resources Board: iPad, moisture meter, infrared thermometer, borescope inspection cam, thermo-hygrometers
  23. Island Time Activities: Computers, software, printer, locking file cabinet & desk chair
  24. Kids Discovery Museum: Desks, computer and office improvements
  25. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: Whiteboard, printer, large folding table and roll-up sign
  26. Odyssey Parent Teacher Organization: Reading spaces furniture & reading loft materials
  27. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap: Remodeling of Pleasant Beach adoption center pet area


In 2018, grants totaling $159,403 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Arts & Humanities Bainbridge: Office Computer and printer
  2. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Mobile, rolling art panels
  3. Bainbridge Cheer Team: Tumbling mats and rolling cart
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance attire and music binders
  5. Bainbridge High School Instrumental Music Boosters: Band equipment: keyboard; speakers w/cart; percussion field rack; mixer cart
  6. Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce: Telephone and communication platform equipment
  7. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: New computers and software for technology update
  8. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: GPS/GIS technology modernization
  9. Bainbridge Island Masonic Center: Emergency shelter equipment – 2 defibrillators and “push button” doors
  10. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Aquatic Center pace clock upgrade
  11. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Technology package for three locations
  12. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Teen Program facility equipment: table tennis; air hockey table; furniture
  13. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Multi-sport adventure trailer
  14. Bainbridge Island School District 303: Auto floor cleaning scrubber
  15. Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center: Visual presentation equipment: projector; long lens; screen; blackout blinds
  16. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Various equipment: Game caps; balls; ball bin; weight belts
  17. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Building exterior painting
  18. Bainbridge School Foundation: Water distiller for science laboratory
  19. Bainbridge Special Needs Foundation: Furniture, games and manipulative, computers

    Bloedel Reserve utility truck award presentation

  20. Bainbridge Youth Services: Chrome books
  21. Bloedel Reserve: Utility truck with windshield and canopy
  22. Boy Scout Troop 1496: Utility trailer
  23. Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Soundproofing at the Bainbridge Island Club
  24. EMPACT Northwest: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) and weatherproofed tablet
  25. Friends of the Farms: Restoration of Picker Cabin at Historic Suyematsu Farmstead
  26. Helpline House: Information technology and business process improvements
  27. Housing Resources Bainbridge: Updated computer for staff
  28. Kids Discovery Museum: Technology and safety upgrades
  29. Kids in Concert: New and used instruments
  30. Kitsap Humane Society: Surgical area lighting
  31. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: TV, Blue-ray DVD player, folding chairs, desktop scanners, public access computers, printer
  32. North Kitsap Fishline: Generator for Healthy Foods Market and Comprehensive Service Center
  33. Olympic College Music Program: Tuba
  34. One Call for All: Computer system upgrades: laptop, desk, laser printer, desktop check copier
  35. PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap: Remodeling Cattery laundry room
  36. West Sound Technology Association: Computer equipment


In 2017, grants totaling $119,390 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Arts & Humanities Bainbridge: Office Computer
  2. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Chairs for new BARN facility
  3. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Office printer/copier
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Reusable concert signage
  5. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replace the schoolhouse roof (partial funding)
  6. Bainbridge Football Boosters: Therapeutic whirlpool for Athletic Training Department
  7. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Large format printer
  8. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Building a self-contained restroom at Gazzam Lake Preserve (partial funding)
  9. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Balance beam for the Gymnastics Program (partial funding)
  10. Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation: Auger/anchor system to construct boardwalks and bridges on Island trails (partial funding)
  11. Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers: New uniforms, warm-ups and gear bags
  12. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: Household and technology equipment for daily living skills and recreation
  13. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Emergency Preparedness Equipment
  14. Bainbridge School Foundation: Equipment for Sakai intermediate’s daily Student Broadcast Program
  15. Bainbridge Youth Services: Projector and white board
  16. Coffee Oasis: Barista equipment for the new Kingston location
  17. EMPACT Northwest: 16 specialty urban rescue backpacks for new volunteer workforce
  18. Friends of BHS Sailing: Sailboat trailer
  19. Girl Scouts of Western Washington: Day Camp storage trailer (partial funding)
  20. Harrison Medical Center Foundation: Equipment to connect EMS, Fire Department and hospitals to one health information exchange
  21. Horse Harbor Foundation: Replace gutters of arena building
  22. Island Neighbors: iPad and accessories, printer and projector for new office
  23. Island Time Activities: Used van for client activities (partial funding)
  24. IslandWood: One set of trash/recycling/compost bins
  25. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: Spotlights for theater performances
  26. Kitsap County Coroner: Safe infant cribs for income-qualified families
  27. Kitsap Humane Society: Veterinary surgical equipment
  28. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center: TV, DVD player, canopy and projector for outreach efforts
  29. Kitsap Regional Library: iPad minis and cases for Bainbridge Island Summer Learning Program
  30. Kitsap Sexual Assault Center: Computer and printer for Bainbridge Island staff
  31. Marge Williams Center: Solarization and energy efficiency upgrades (partial funding)
  32. Montessori Country School: Appliances for new Community Building
  33. Olympic Performance Group: Used dance floor
  34. PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap: Disaster preparedness equipment
  35. West Sound Wildlife Shelter: Enclosure for education owl exhibits


In 2016, grants totaling $117,904 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Association of Bainbridge Communities: Waterfront trailhead improvements.
  2. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Table saw and joining system.
  3. Bainbridge Arts & Crafts: Public address system for the gallery spaces.
  4. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance dresses, blouses and neckties.
  5. Bainbridge High School: Chromebooks and a storage cart for Mobile Career Exploration.
  6. Bainbridge High School: Equipment for a new Student Store.
  7. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Large format flat document and artifact scanning system.
  8. Special Needs Foundation - iPads and printer for clients use

    Special Needs Foundation – iPads and printer for clients use

    Bainbridge Island Land Trust: Stewardship truck (partial funding).

  9. Bainbridge Island Mountain Bike Club: Bike trailer, team race equipment, and support gear.
  10. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Shot clocks and controller for new scoreboard.
  11. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Assisted listening enhancements.
  12. Bainbridge Youth Services: Donor database software.
  13. Battle Point Astronomical Association: Educational materials for the BPAstro Kids Program.
  14. BI Metro Park & Recreation District: Kiln for Eagledale Pottery Studio.
  15. BI Metro Park & Recreation District: Self-contained restroom.
  16. BI Senior Community Center: Storage shed for the Thrift Shop.
  17. BI Special Needs Foundation: Technology and communications upgrades.
  18. Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Kitchen equipment.
  19. Friends of BHS Sailing: Sailboat replacement.
  20. Friends of the Farms: Enhancements for Harvest Fair.
  21. Helpline House: New food preparation sink and faucet for Food Bank.
  22. Horse Harbor Foundation: Renovation of existing paddock system.
  23. Housing Resources Bainbridge: Bicycle parking shelter for Island Home East Apartment Complex.
  24. Kids Discovery Museum: Solar-powered teaching water table.
  25. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: New microphones for performances.
  26. Kitsap County Coroner: Safe infant cribs for low-income families.
  27. Kitsap Humane Society: Pet Adoption Outreach Van (partial funding).
  28. Marge Williams Center: Conference room technology and furniture upgrade.
  29. North Kitsap Trails Association: Resting bench between Winslow and High School Road.
  30. Olympic College Foundation: Field and lab equipment for the Yama Project.


In 2015, grants totaling $123,245 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Classroom teaching tools.
  2. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replacement of old windows with new energy-efficient windows.
  3. Bainbridge High School Football Boosters: Athlete safety equipment.

    Bainbridge Schools Foundation - Elementary Schools Robotics Program Equipment

    Bainbridge Schools Foundation – Elementary Schools Robotics Program Equipment

  4. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Computers, monitors. and software.
  5. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District: 3-meter diving board ladder at Don Nakata pool and another to add lighting to sign at Rotary Centennial Park.
  6. Bainbridge Island Rowing: New motor for existing safety launch; anti-exposure suits for each coach.
  7. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: iPads and printer.
  8. Bainbridge Island Swim Club Boosters [Challenge grant]: New scoreboard at Aquatic Center.
  9. Bainbridge Island Water Polo Club: Equipment.
  10. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Robotics program.
  11. Bainbridge Youth Services: Desktop office computers and tablet.
  12. Boys and Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: Child-sized furniture (couches; tables; chairs).
  13. EMPACT Northwest: Safety, communication, and rescue equipment.
  14. Friends of the Farms: Equipment for Suyematsu Farm Historic Barn Restoration project.
  15. Housing Resources Board: Expansion of playground at Ferncliff Village.
  16. Island Time Activities: iPads with special software, printer, and laminator.
  17. Kitsap Humane Society: New kitten housing units.
  18. Lynwood Community Market: “Stump hops” for Schel Chelb Park.
  19. Olympic College Foundation: Field and lab equipment for 3-year archeological Yama Project.
  20. Olympic Mountain Rescue: 13 new handheld radios for field communication.
  21. OUT There Adventures: Sea kayak(s) and associated equipment.
  22. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap: New washer and dryer for cattery on Bainbridge Island.
  23. Peacock Family Center: Upgrade for playground equipment.


In 2014, grants totaling $127,960 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. KiDiMu: Exhibits to help children learn about public safety and emergency preparedness.
  2. Lynwood Community Market and Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation: Equipment for new playground at Schel Chelb Park.
  3. Hope House: Replacement of vinyl kitchen floor.
  4. West Sound Wildlife Shelter: [Challenge Grant] Funds for rescue vehicle with ambulance package.
  5. Helpline House: Replacement of outdated computers.
  6. Bainbridge Chorale: New office printer for printing concert programs, tickets, and general office use.
  7. Montessori Country School: Replacement of flooring in classrooms at their elementary campus.
  8. Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School: Replacement of ductless heating system.
  9. Bainbridge Public Library: Installation of hearing loop system in Community Room to improve listening clarity for individuals with hearing impairments.
  10. Bainbridge Youth Services: Chairs, bookshelf, wide spectrum lights.
  11. Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestras: New musician chairs.
  12. Battle Point Astronomical Association: Solar telescope.
  13. Bloedel Reserve: [Challenge Grant] New pickup truck.

    BHS Instrumental Boosters - new drum line

    BHS Instrumental Boosters – new drum line

  14. Bainbridge Schools Foundation: Funds for robotics for four elementary schools.
  15. BI Metro Parks & Recreation: Installation of two automatic door openers at aquatic center.
  16. IslandWood: Beekeeping equipment for Garden Classroom.
  17. Bainbridge Island Grange: Equipment to improve theater stage.
  18. Bainbridge High School: Downdraft sanding table for vocational trades program.
  19. Sustainable Bainbridge: Radio studio production equipment.
  20. Bainbridge Island Downtown Association: Holiday stars-and-scrolls lights.
  21. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: Equipment for Education and Schools Programs.
  22. Bainbridge Performing Arts: New computers.
  23. Smile Partners: New dental equipment and improvements at Senior Center dental clinic.
  24. BHS Instrumental Boosters: New drum-line equipment.
  25. Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District: Building and installing of sign display grid at Rotary Centennial Park.
  26. Sustainable Bainbridge’s Student Conservation Corps: Tools and canopy to be used during eradication of invasive weeds in our parks.
  27. Bainbridge Arts and Humanities Council: Projector and sound system (available to loan to other nonprofits).


Bloedel - Pickup Truck for Gardeners - Challenge Grant

Bloedel – Pickup Truck for Gardeners – Challenge Grant

In 2013, grants totaling $96,114 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network: Equipment for new maker space.
  2. Bainbridge Parks and Recreation: [Challenge Grant] Completion of Hilltop Cabin restoration.
  3. Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: Replacement of carpet in the museum’s library with hardwood flooring.
  4. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: Audio-visual equipment.
  5. Bainbridge Island Special Needs Foundation: New flooring at Stephens House.
  6. Bainbridge Roller Hockey League: [Challenge Grant] Permanent fencing system around roller hockey rink at Battle Point Park.
  7. Bainbridge Youth Services: Office furniture and technology to improve youth access to a BYS counselor.
  8. Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island: [Challenge Grant] Funds to help purchase 15-passenger mini-bus.
  9. Friends of Bainbridge High School Sailing: New Flying Junior sailboat.
  10. Friends of the Farms: New shed and barn upgrades at Johnson Farm and Recreation Area.
  11. Helpline House: Upgrades to HVAC system.
  12. Horse Harbor Foundation: Re-surfacing of riding arena and re-graveling of paddocks.
  13. Island Music Guild: Purchase and installation of electronic security system.
  14. Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater: Flooring for rehearsal facility.
  15. Kitsap Humane Society: Spay/neuter surgical instruments.
  16. PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap: Cat enclosures for new adoption facility at Pleasant Beach Village.


In 2012, grants totaling $103,339 were awarded to the organizations listed below:

  1. Olympic Mountain Rescue - Emergency Radios

    Olympic Mountain Rescue – Emergency Radios

    American Legion: [Challenge Grant] Replacement of 45-year-old furnace.

  2. Bainbridge Chorale: Performance attire (blouses and neckties) for Young Singers (grades 4 – 8).
  3. Bainbridge Island Lacrosse: Weighted canopies to shelter volunteers and scorekeepers year-round during games.
  4. Bainbridge Island Land Trust: Renovation of Prue’s House on the Hilltop addition to Grand Forest available to the community for meetings, children’s activities, and afterschool programs.
  5. Bainbridge Performing Arts: Equipment and improvements to educational annex.
  6. Bainbridge Public Library: Furnishings as part of remodel of Teen Study and Program Room.
  7. Bainbridge Island Rowing: Coach’s safety launch.
  8. BI Arts and Humanities Council: New computer equipment.
  9. BI Child Care Centers: Outdoor climbing structure.
  10. BI Farmers Market: Credit-card processing terminal enabling the market to accept Electronic Benefits Cards from individuals on the government nutrition assistance program.
  11. BI Special Needs Foundation: Construction of access ramp to Stephens House.
  12. Friends of Bainbridge High School Sailing: Critical fleet maintenance equipment and materials.
  13. Gymnastics Program of BI Metro Parks & Recreation: Pommel horse for boys’ competitive gymnastics team.
  14. Hope House of Bainbridge Island: Desktop computer, two laptop computers, and printer.
  15. Housing Resources Board: Upgrade of 10 bathrooms at Island Home apartment complex.
  16. Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers: Replacement parts for two computers.
  17. Island Music Center: Audio-visual system.
  18. Island Time Activities: Used mini-van.
  19. KiDiMu: Installation of a sound system that incorporates the sounds of the community into interactive permanent “Our Town” exhibit.
  20. Ovation!: Portable dance floor for rehearsal and classroom studio.

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island and all of the recipients of Community Grants over the years, thank you for your support of the Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale!