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Fine Art

Masterpiece Theater

We gratefully accept donations of the following types of fine art:

  • Art of the Native American, Alaska Native, First Nation, and indigenous peoples of the world
  • Fun, interesting, unique artifacts
  • Hand-blown glass pieces
  • High-end art supplies, easels, and large canvases
  • Multiple-original prints including lithographs, etchings, engravings, monotypes, silkscreen, woodcraft, and linocuts
  • One-of-a-kind pottery and ceramics
  • Original paintings or drawings from all eras in a variety of media: oil, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, tempera, pen & ink, and collage
  • Pacific NW: logging, ferries, mountains, parks, beaches scenes
  • Sculptures and carvings in various metals, stone, or wood
  • Signed limited-edition serigraphs and exceptional photographs
  • Textiles and beaded work
  • Valuable posters and maps
  • Vintage advertising and memorabilia
  • Picture frames in good condition and of 'better' quality
  • Appealing but less precious art is also accepted, such as prints of all sizes, styles, mediums, and interests. These are typically displayed outside of the Fine Art Room
  • Blank canvases

View photos of special pieces as they are donated by visiting the Fine Art Bainbridge Rotary Auction Facebook page.

Key information for Sale Day

  • We are proud to have offered for sale some remarkable pieces at the Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale in past years. 
  • Whether a painting by a European master, a classic Asian antiquity or a fun, retro sculpture, knowledgeable volunteers are assisted by professional appraisers to price items to be a value to the buyer.  
  • Art appreciators with any budget are sure to find a treasure.
  • About a thousand items are priced first-come-first-served, with about 25 of the most sought-after pieces put on silent auction. Silent auction bidding closes at 15 minute intervals between 9:30 and 11:30 am.


Want To Help?

To volunteer with this amazing team:

  1. Please complete this online registration form and indicate your preferred slot in the Special Skills and Expertise text box.
  2. After you’ve registered, please come to the volunteer open house on June 5th and talk with a department manager. If that’s not convenient, stop on by from June 30th through July 7th and we will find something for you. 

Depending on staffing needs you may be assigned to a different department


 Thank you!

For more information about volunteering in this department, or donations, please contact