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Office Equipment

Get to Work

We gratefully accept gently-used office equipment, such as:

  • Small office equipment
    • Typewriters, vintage typewriters
    • Paper Shredders
    • Calculators
    • Telephones (landlines, antique phones, and cordless phones (only if new in box))
  • Globes
  • Lots of 3-ring binders
  • Small file boxes
  • A wide range of office supplies and stationery items
    • Staplers
    • Rulers
    • Scissors
    • Note cards
    • Envelopes
  • Some bookcases used to display the merchandise in this area are for sale. They may be removed after 11:00am on sale day and made available for purchase (other bookcases can be found outdoors in the furniture section).

Key Sale-Day Information:


For more information about this department, please contact: