How to Donate

Giving for Our Greater Good

Thank you for your interest in donating to the 2021 Online Auction & Rummage Sale! Know that 100% of event proceeds are invested in our community—local, regional, and international.

On Tuesday, June 1 at 8:00am, the link to a simple item donation form will be available here. The donation form will be available until Monday, June 14, at 9:00pm.

When the donation period starts, a link to the online donation page will be live here. All items stay with donors until collected by purchasers.

What to donate

  • Click on the Auction Departments list for donation categories and specific item lists.
  • We gratefully welcome your donation of items with a fair market value of $20 and up (or a bundling of items, from the same household, that when combined have a value of $20 and up).
  • Please donate items that are in good or better-than-good condition only. As Rotary will not be inspecting or testing your donation, we rely on you to ensure your donation is clean, intact, in good condition, and works properly, if applicable.
  • There is no central location to donate or shop. Items stay with donors until purchased.

Submitting your donation

  • Open the online Donation Form and enter a thorough and accurate description of each item, including its condition, age, and measurements (as appropriate). Our online form makes it easy. Include any interesting details to help it sell!
  • Provide at least one photo of each item you donate. Up to three photos can be uploaded per item, if needed, to give shoppers a complete appreciation of the piece. You can also include a YouTube video link to help the item sell (for example, a video of someone playing the musical instrument you are donating).
  • Click on "Submit another response" to open a new Donation Form for more item submittals.
  • Rotarians and volunteers will edit each listing.
  • Our team may adjust the suggested price you provide to us, based on years of experience pricing items at our traditional Auction & Rummage Sale.
  • If further information is needed, we will contact you.
  • When your item sells, you will receive a tax receipt by email.

After the auction

  • Your contact information will be shared with the purchaser to arrange a convenient time and place for pickup. To minimize contact with others, schedule porch or garage pickups when possible, or meet at a neutral location.

Bag at door for pickup

Thank you for supporting our community!