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Shuttle Buses, Traffic & Parking

Traffic around Woodward Middle School on Preview Night (Friday, July 1) and Sale Day (Saturday, July 2) is heavy. Please prepare accordingly, be considerate of area residents.

Woodward Middle School
9100 Sportsman Club Road
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Park-and-Ride Locations for Saturday, July 2

Instead of trying to park near Woodward Middle School on Sale Day, an excellent option is to park at a free Park-and-Ride lot and take a courtesy Shuttle Bus to the school. We offer 5 Park & Ride locations, all 1 mile or less from Woodward Middle School:

Shuttle Buses for Saturday, July 2

On Sale Day, three courtesy Shuttle Buses serve all 5 park-and-ride locations above and stop at the north and south entrances to Woodward Middle School (the gates are on the east side of campus along Sportsman Club Road). Courtesy Shuttle Bus service starts at 7:00am on Sale Day. The last bus leaves Woodward Middle School at 2:30pm. Our Shuttle Buses are free.


Rotary Auction Traffic Flow/Detour Map PDFTraffic during Preview Night on Friday, July 1, and on Sale Day, Saturday July 2, will be very heavy, particularly along Sportsman Club Road and New Brooklyn Road.

On July 2, there will be revisions to the normal traffic pattern on Sportsman Club Road. From approximately 6:30am until 3:00pm on July 2, both lanes are restricted to one-way, southbound traffic only between Island Church and New Brooklyn Road.

The City of Bainbridge Island will begin an intersection improvement project adjacent to Woodward School prior to July 1. Click here for a Traffic Flow/Detour Map PDF applicable to Sale Day, July 2, only. For more information about the city's project, click here.

Starting at 10:00am on Sale Day, vehicles are permitted to enter the Woodward campus to collect large/heavy purchases.

Accessible Parking 

A limited number of free accessible parking spaces are located inside the south gate entrance to Woodward Middle School on Sale Day. Given the limited number of on-campus accessible parking spaces, an individual with accessibility needs might choose to be driven to Woodward Middle School. The driver can then park at one of the free Park-and-Ride locations and take a Shuttle Bus to the event.

General Parking

Parking on Sportsman Club Road

Street parking on Sportsman Club Road between Highway 305 and New Brooklyn Road is extremely limited. If you park in this area on Friday night, intending to leave your vehicle overnight, be sure your vehicle is parked facing the southbound direction so you can depart the event with the one-way traffic flow on Sale Day. Sportsman Club Road is restricted to one-way, southbound traffic only on Sale Day from approximately 6:30am to 3:00pm.

Make sure your vehicle is not in a No Parking zone, is not blocking driveways to homes or businesses, and is 100% off the roadway. The police will ticket vehicles in violation of these rules.

Parking on New Brooklyn Road

In case of an emergency, it is essential that First Responders have unrestricted access to Woodward Middle School. To ensure this access, no parking is allowed along the north side of New Brooklyn Road between Madison Avenue and Sportsman Club Road from Thursday until 3:00pm on Saturday. Restricted areas will be cordoned off.

Parking in North Town Woods

Parking in the North Town Woods subdivision is restricted to one side of the street from 4:00pm on Friday until 3:00pm on Saturday. Restricted areas will be cordoned off.

Parking on Grizdale Lane

No parking is allowed on either side of Grizdale Lane from 4:00pm on Friday until 3:00pm on Saturday. Restricted areas will be cordoned off.

Parking on the Woodward Middle School Campus

There is no public parking on the Woodward Middle School campus except for a limited number of spaces reserved for people who require accessible parking.