Shopping FAQs

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Q:   Do I have to register in order to shop?
A:   If you just want to browse, you do not need to register. But when you click "buy" or "bid," the system will require that you register, including adding your credit card info.

Q:   Do I have to look through all of the inventory to find what I’m looking for?
A:   At the top of the Items page, click the "category" tab for a list of "departments" and select the one you want. This will narrow down the inventory.

Q:   After I bid on a silent auction item, how do I know if I have the leading bid?
A:   After you bid, you will be notified by text message that you are winning, and you will receive another text if someone outbids you. The message will include a link so that you can return to the site and place another bid if you choose.

Q:   I really love one of the auction items. Do I have to keep bidding or can I buy it outright?
A:   All auction items will be open for bidding until the sale closes on June 26 at 5pm. To increase your chance of winning, set an “Auto-Bid” with your maximum price, and the system will bid for you. There are no BUY IT NOW prices for silent auction items.

Q:   Where I can view items in person?
A:   You can view most vehicles and boats at the Bainbridge Island Masonic Center, 1299 Grow Avenue. Here are the schedules for vehicle viewing and boat viewing. No other items are available for in-person viewing.

Q:   I clicked the "buy" button for several items, but I don’t see a shopping cart. How do I see my purchases?
A:   To review what you have selected, and to process your credit card, go to the "Pay" tab. You will see a summary of your pending purchases. Please process your credit card there. For shoppers who don’t visit the "Pay" tab to process their credit card, we will do so at the end of each day.

Auction items don’t close until 5pm on June 26. If you have the leading bid on an auction item, it will appear as "pending" on your summary, but you won’t be charged until the sale concludes (assuming you have the winning bid).

Q:   What if I accidentally click "buy" for an item?
A:   If you purchased something by accident, email us right away so that we don’t charge your credit card and can return the item to inventory: OnlineAuction@BainbridgeIslandRotary.org.

Q:   How do I support our community by making a monetary donation to this fundraiser?
A:   Thank you for asking! There are two ways to donate:

  • When you are shopping for items in the Online Auction/Rummage Sale, click the "Donate" tab in the white banner at the top of every page.
  • Visit the Bainbridge Island Rotary Club website, where you will see a prominent "Donate" button on the home page.

Q:   How will I know where to go to pick up my purchases?
A:   Shortly after the Auction concludes on June 26, you will receive the donor’s name and email address for each item you purchased. The donor will receive your contact info as well. Email the donor to arrange a time/place to collect the item. Minimize contact by arranging for pickup from the donor’s porch/driveway or at a public location such as a store’s parking lot.

Q:   What if I have a question not addressed here?
A:  Email us at OnlineAuction@BainbridgeIslandRotary.org.


As always, 100% of proceeds from the Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale are invested in our community, local and beyond. Thank you for making a difference!